Monday, November 26, 2012

Are you craving the "Greatest Snow on Earth"?? Utah has it. All the fluffy, white, powdery goodness you can sink your skis or board into!! With 14 resorts in the state and 11 within about an hour's driving distance from the airport, you can step off the plane and be shredding the gnar in no time!! Here are links to all the resorts. You can thank me later. Enjoy!

Alta Ski Area:

Beaver Mountain Resort:

Brian Head Resort:

Brighton Ski Resort:

Canyons Resort:

Deer Valley Resort:

Park City Mountain Resort:

Powder Mountain:


Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort:

Solitude Mountain Resort:

Sundance Resort:

Wolf Mountian:

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Zion National Park

One of my favorite places in beautiful Utah is a place where you can find amazing views and great hikes. Zion parks is a National park in Southern Utah, it is three hours away from where I live. This is the perfect getaway for those that enjoy nature and adventure

Zion Park features several hikes, here you can find ones that are for beginner or for professionals so there is something for everyone. Zion national park has an unique geography with amazing and dramatic landscape of the sculptured canyons and soaring cliff.

If you want to experience an unique vacation full of adrenaline and excitement, visit Zion National Park


Friday, November 23, 2012

Global Engagement Week

Utah Valley University annual Global Engagement Week (GEW) is a part of the worldwide International Education Week (IEW). 

It is one of the most important week during the year for foreign students at Utah Valley University (UVU). They come together to celebrate differences and culture awareness. GEW is organized and coordinated by the International Student Council (ISC) at UVU, and they bring all the energy and effort to make this event an enjoyable week for families in Utah County. 

GEW also serves to promote campus-wide international programs that prepare UVU students to become productive citizens in the global society; foster collaboration and integration among international students, conventional students, faculty, staff, and administrators at UVU on international issues; and encourage cultural awareness among UVU students and community members. 

Every year ISC creates a cultural theme for GEW to make it interesting to their audience and bring a global prospective to UVU campus. Some of the successful themes from past and this year were International Airport, Amazons, and Ancients Egypt. 

More than 2000 people around Utah County come and participate of this global awareness, they try delicious international food and enjoy performances around the world. Also, foreign students are able to share with this community their culture and the importance of it. 

It is a week to celebrate differences and learn from diversity!! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

La Caille

If you are looking for a great place to eat and budget is not an issue, I would recommend La Caille. They are a fancy upscale restaurant with beautiful grounds! There is a huge pond that you can walk around and take pictures. They have swans and ducks that frequent the pond. Valet will greet you and park your car. The food is all very good as well. They set the scene the for you and then deliver on food presentation as well. When I went I had the.. ~escargot(probably my favorite part) ~sorbet ~salad ~chicken with vegetables ~nutella crepe All of the food was exceptional. The service was great and I enjoyed the entire experience! If you have kids, I would recommend to go with them when their school offers it. I know the french class and foods classes will go. You get a discount rate, with the same quality. ($34 rather than the normal prices of $50 and upwards!!)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Latin experience: How the past is remembered

Every four years the Latino community in Utah comes together to remember their roots through an event called Luz de Las Americas (Lights of America).

This is the biggest Latin cultural event in the United States, with more than 500 performers representing many nations and more than 40,000 spectators.

It was my privilege to participate and contribute this weekend as I represented my country, Paraguay, and the meaning of my heritage.

In preparation for this event, we rehearsed for over 5 months and strived to reconnect at a deeper level with our purpose. In addition, to the through planning required for this event, all attire was specifically imported from the countries that were to be represented.

Annya Becerra, who represents Guatemala, said, "It's given us the opportunity to be transmitted internationally. So really, it's an outreach that we're going to do worldwide. So, that's exciting."

"Every country has its flavor, its color and life," said Costume Director Carla Montesino. "I just hope that through the designs we can really express what these cultures are really about and how wonderful their music and their culture really is."

Through this experience I was able to portray what it means to be Latino and be edified from the enthusiasm and dedication of the people I was able to rub shoulders with as we worked together to transmit the very essence of our kind and tender culture. It was even more rewarding for to see that despite language and cultural barriers that might exist, those of other backgrounds were touched and able to feel the warmth of our culture.

Source: (LDS Latino community shares culture, faith with performance)

Monday, October 22, 2012

Hampton Inn & Red Rock Brewing

Last weekend was Utah Valley University fall break. Since my husband and I both work full time and go to school full time we try to "get away" and spend time just us. This fall we were not able to go to Vegas or too far away like we normally do. This time we decided to stay close to home and do weekend fun in Salt Lake City.

We got a stellar deal at the Hampton Inn at Downtown Salt Lake City. We stayed in the 1 King Bed Suite with Whirlpool for only $80! This is an amazing deal considering the whirlpool tub is right in your room and you can watch tv while soaking! Currently the Hampton gives you discounted rates if you pre-pay for their room. So instead of spending lots of money and going to Anniversary Inn or going out of town we were able to do this for the night.Click here to check this out!

This picture is from the Hampton Inn website. But this is what the room looks like!

A couple of blocks away from the Hampton Inn is this brew pub/restaurant called RedRock Brewery. Talk about amazing food!!!! We ordered fried halibut and German bratwurst and potatoes  Extremely delicious! What amazed me about this place the most was their home made root beer! I am usually not a fan of rootbeer but after having theirs I wanted to buy all that I could! To check out their website click here!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sundance Resort

Sundance Resort...

I might as well call this my winter home. I love this place; the scenery, the people, the food, the snow. It's all amazing and I can not wait for winter to come!

Located about 20-25 minutes from the freeway in Orem and nestled behind the majestic Mt. Timpanogos, this little treasure is sure to grow on you and welcome you to its family as it did me.

The exciting news about Sundance recently is the addition of a new ski lift which will provide access to parts of the ski area in about half the time as the previous "ski commute." This makes the powder hounds' mouths water as it creates quicker possibilities to dive into the famous Utah powder.

The skiing and snowboarding are not the only draws to this charming village in the mountains. There are world class accommodations, restaurants, spas and exceptional customer service. Winter activities also include cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, and a livelier atmosphere in this busy season. The Owl Bar is Sundance's perfect apre-ski/snowboard destination with fantastic bands playing frequently, good drinks, and better people.

If you are searching for a cozy, friendly, welcoming place to get your ski or snowboard fix in, or just to get away from the doldrums of ordinary life, make serious considerations in visiting Sundance Resort. Bring your camera and high expectations for a great vacation. See you on the snow beginning December 7th!

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