Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sundance Resort

Sundance Resort...

I might as well call this my winter home. I love this place; the scenery, the people, the food, the snow. It's all amazing and I can not wait for winter to come!

Located about 20-25 minutes from the freeway in Orem and nestled behind the majestic Mt. Timpanogos, this little treasure is sure to grow on you and welcome you to its family as it did me.

The exciting news about Sundance recently is the addition of a new ski lift which will provide access to parts of the ski area in about half the time as the previous "ski commute." This makes the powder hounds' mouths water as it creates quicker possibilities to dive into the famous Utah powder.

The skiing and snowboarding are not the only draws to this charming village in the mountains. There are world class accommodations, restaurants, spas and exceptional customer service. Winter activities also include cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, and a livelier atmosphere in this busy season. The Owl Bar is Sundance's perfect apre-ski/snowboard destination with fantastic bands playing frequently, good drinks, and better people.

If you are searching for a cozy, friendly, welcoming place to get your ski or snowboard fix in, or just to get away from the doldrums of ordinary life, make serious considerations in visiting Sundance Resort. Bring your camera and high expectations for a great vacation. See you on the snow beginning December 7th!

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